‚ÄčLearn the facts behind
what it tAkes to sell your home 
for up to 18% more money 

than methods of traditional real estate agents

If all real estate agents were created equally, then every agent would be able to get you top dollar
when selling your home. Unfortunately, there's a huge chasm that exists between the traditional real estate agents and the Certified Home Selling Advisor®. The difference is, a Certified Home Selling Advisor® can get you up to 18% more for your home. 

This report is unlike any other you've seen before. When you are done reading it, you will be crystal clear on what a Certified Home Selling Advisor® looks like, how I can help you get top dollar for your home, and why you should never pick a traditional real estate agent to help you with the sale of your home. 

As you read the report, you'll discover: 

  • •    What it takes to make your house stand out from the competition, drive up demand, and attract a      higher offer.

    •    The secret Certified Home Selling Advisors® use to help you keep the most amount of equity            when you sell.

    •    The one critical error agents make when marketing your home that could keep your home from          selling at all.

    •    How to determine if your home will be targeted to the largest number of qualified buyers -                  including buyers working with other agents - to get your home sold faster than ever.

    •    What mistakes to avoid when hiring an agent and how hiring the wrong one could cost you                thousands.


    The National Association of Expert Advisors® conducted a nationwide study over the past two years that revealed a proven, repeatable system to sell your home for up to 18% more money than the methods of traditional real estate agents. What you will learn in this controversial report has been highly guarded by the real estate industry for over 105 years. You are about to learn what most real estate agents will never tell you about how to sell your home fast, and for the most money. 

    Let's start with some shocking statistics you may not have known about the real estate industry, and why up to 58.4% of homes that go on the market, fail to sell. 

    •    The average real estate agent only sells 6-8 homes per year.

    •    The average real estate agent is only required to take up to 120 hours of training to begin selling        real estate.

    •    The average real estate agent spends less than $150 per month in marketing and promotion of          their business.

    •    The average accepted offer an average agent will negotiate is up to 11 % below your original              asking price.

    Do you know the true value of your home right now? More importantly, do you know what it takes to sell your home properly so you extract the maximum amount of equity from it when you sell? 

    You may or may not know. 

    Either way, it's important that you are aware of this fact: there are essential marketing and negotiation principals that you must adhere to when getting your home sold for top dollar. Violating them, or worse, ignoring them, can mean you walk away with less money or having your home not sell at all. 

    While it's not vital that you understand what it takes to get your home sold for the best price and in the time frame that you want, it's crucial that your agent does. Not being an expert in these areas virtually guarantees failure. 

    What you '11 find in this report are the 7 laws that Certified Home Selling Advisors® have been trained to adhere to with respect to the Expert Advisor Home Selling System™ to get you top dollar for your home. 

    Conclusion : 

    Getting the most amount of money is not something that is left to chance. It is the result of proven, tested and measured strategies that only a Certified Home Selling Advisor® can offer you. 

    What this really means is that the skills and abilities of your agent are what will get you up to 18% more for your home when it is sold. And, if your agent cannot prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that he/she is able to employ a system to get you those results ... you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. 

    Make sure that you put any agent you interview through his/her paces to guarantee you the best possible results on the sale of your home. It's your biggest investment and you deserve the absolute best when it comes to handling the sale of it. Use the checklist on the next page as a guide for your interview process. If the agent can not articulate their value, call me. 

    I will put the Expert Advisor Home Selling System® to Work for You! Together, we will position your home to get up to 18% more money by managing the 7 laws and 151 variables that will ultimately effect the sale of your home. 

    The Expert Advisor Home Selling System® is a tested and proven system that takes the risk out of selling your home and guarantees that you'll get the best price for your home no matter what the market conditions are. The program is employed only by Certified Home Selling Advisors® who have taken the Certified Home Selling Advisor® Course through the National Association of Expert Advisors® and is a member in good standing. When you hire a Certified Home Selling Advisor™ , you are hiring someone that represents the top 1 % of real estate agents in North America. 

    Let me show you how I can sell your home for up to 18% more money! 
    The 12 Most Important Questions You Need To Ask Any Agent Before Putting Your Home on The Market

    As you are interviewing agents to help sell your home, ask them these questions:

    •   What's the difference between marketing and advertising a home and how does 
        this difference affect me? 

    •   What are the specific elements of your home selling and marketing strategy that affect the selling       price and the time my home will be on the market?

    •   Do you require a pre-inspection and that my home be staged before I sell? If not, why?

    •   With the internet being the first place that most buyers look for a home, can you identify for me the     best internet property marketing methods and why they work?

    •   What reporting do you make available that show how many unique visitors are seeing my home         on the various websites my home will be marketed on with you?

    •   Do you have any information that details what home buyers find the most useful when it comes to     a property-marketing ad and what motivates buyers to respond to it?

    •   Can you identify for me what buyers on the internet say is the number one reason they choose an     agent for buying a home they found on the internet? What in your business reflects that you               understand this fact? 

    •   Do you have a marketing budget that outlines how you'll spend your resources to market my home     and earn your fee? 

    •   What is your strategy to attract qualified buyers from the various sources available today and how     will you work to attract co-op agents so they show my home over other homes in the market? 

    •   What is your negotiation strategy and how can I count on you to negotiate from a position of               strength than one of weakness? How can you assure me that the home inspection will not "blow         up" my transaction at the very last minute? 

    •   Can you identify how your team will work to handle my listing from the minute you take it until the       day that it closes? Also, identify for me the different departments of your company and show me         how they benefit me in the sale of my home. 

    •   What do you do, if anything, to ensure that the leads you generate are going to be handled in a         timely manner so that we don't miss out on any qualified buyer prospects? 

    Please be sure to fill out ALL the required Fields as the system automatically rejects incomplete forms. We do respect your privacy and don’t pass your information on to anyone. 


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